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Corporate Event Floral Design Company of the Year — Tokar Event Design

Stephen Tokar had always wanted to decorate the White House. Last July he took a step in that direction when his company, Tokar Event Design, served as one of the official florists of the Republican National Convention. The company provided behind-the-scene design to customized furnished lounges for the Trump and Pence families and their entourages. And that was just the beginning, according to Stephen Tokar. Quicken Loans Arena was camouflaged and built out, trimmed, sub-floored, carpeted, and papered. Coat rooms were turned into posh lounges. Faux paneled vinyl was adhered to the walls to create a gentlemen’s study, using patterns of marble, stripes, and paisleys. Tokar Event Design handled the budgets, purchasing, logistics, security clearances, and warehousing while utilizing ever-changing worksheets, daily meetings, and scheduled conference calls. For one month a full-time employee handled logistics of delivery along with the delivery of custom orders. Security would start at 6 a.m. with parties being serviced until 10 p.m. Tokar Event Design’s 20,000-square-foot warehouse provided a great deal of furniture and props, bars, and backdrops. When the newly acquired furniture had to be stored, it became problematic. “Usually too much is a good thing,” Tokar says. Rearranging the warehouses and purchasing 12-foot iron racking solved a multitude of space-saving situations, and a much-needed spring cleaning followed. The Cavaliers championship prompted a “party of a lifetime” at the Calfee building for the squad’s project team. On the philanthropic front, Tokar teamed with Chef Doug Katz, Jeff Kutz from Rock the House Lighting, and John Bibbo from Event Source to coordinate a benefit for the Children’s Museum of Cleveland, which needed to raise $10 million. With carefree generosity, a gala of great proportion was born, Tokar says, “a gala where the atmosphere truly did transcend guests into a dream. A dream where giving too much was still not enough.”

Runners-up: Joe Mineo Creative; Plantscaping and Blooms; Urban Orchid.


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