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Corporate Event Planner Of The Year — Adina Magda, Event Planner, Greater Cleveland Partnership/COSE

From her Huron Road office downtown, Adina Magda had no choice but to be in the middle of Cleveland’s whirlwind 2016. For starters, her employer, the Council of Smaller Enterprises, joined forces with Greater Cleveland Partnership. The merger expanded Magda’s portfolio from 50-plus events to more than 100, including long-running and newer GCP and COSE events. “This didn’t intimidate me,” Magda says. “Instead, it made me more excited to have the opportunity to use my strong skills and experiences to create another set of events that brought great benefit to our members.” Magda planned the 10th anniversary of OHTec’s Best of Tech Awards. Instead of hosting the event at a typical hotel ballroom, OHTec moved the event to Trinity Cathedral. “The venue is cool, interesting, and gave our attendees and our awardees the feeling that this evening was something special,” Magda says. “I spent a lot of time developing the overall layout of the event to best utilize the space and also worked collaboratively with our A/V on lighting, presentations and sound to ensure we were creating a memorable experience for our attendees.” In the process, OHTec’s executive director, whom Magda had worked closely with the previous four years, announced his departure. “Instead of panicking, I decided to jump in and face this challenge head on. Thankfully, I have an amazing team I work with day in and day out at GCP, so we all banded together to ensure this event was the very best.” With the RNC, Magda had to plan a Great Lakes Coalition event that brought chamber representatives together with out-of-town legislators. “Every venue downtown was booked as soon as the RNC was announced, so I decided to take advantage of the great asset we had and host the event at our offices,” she says. Another major change for COSE was the renaming of its Small Business Convention to BizConCLE. “We felt that expanding the audience for the event, especially in light of the COSE and GCP realignment, would help us to create a more beneficial experience for the business owners in attendance,” she says. “Thus, we created the event in 2016 for both small business owners and middle-market companies.”

Runners-up: Amber Muslusky, event planning manager, Corporate College; Amy Van Duyne, executive assistant to the CEO, Rock The House; Lee Ann O’Brien, director of community relations, special projects, planned giving, McGregor; Moya Donnelly, event planner, Executive Caterers.


2016 — Adina Magda, Greater Cleveland Partnership/COSE
2015 — Jeannie Vassanelli, Executive Caterers
2014 — Anne H. Doyle, Lake Health
2013 — Amanda Lockhart, MCPc
2012 — Deborah Smythe Hermann, GhostLight Productions
2011 — Deborah Smythe Hermann, GhostLight Productions
2010 — Deborah Smythe Hermann, GhostLight Productions
2009 — Durga Chigurupati, Adhya Productions
2008 — Durga Chigurupati, Adhya Productions
2007 — (onsite) Kelly Dowling, YWCA of Greater Cleveland
2007 — (offsite) Mark Cheplowitz, Wizard of Ahs

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