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Corporate Event Sign and Banner Company of the Year — FastSigns Downtown Cleveland

FastSigns Downtown Cleveland, like most corporate event vendors in Northeast Ohio, enjoyed a banner year in 2016. But for John Doyle, the year won’t be remembered for the Republican National Convention, NBA championship or World Series. “For me, this year will be defined by a phone call I received in the early morning of Aug. 8,” Doyle says. “After returning from an annual vacation to northern Ontario, our company’s vice president, Bernie Doyle, my father, suffered a serious stroke at approximately 7:30 a.m. Kay Doyle, our company’s president and Bernie’s wife, was forced to suspend her return from vacation and attend to her husband and life partner at MetroHealth Hospital.” When the FastSigns sales and production team heard the news that morning, they reacted in a manner that would have made Bernie Doyle smile, his son says. “There was sympathy, concern, and then industriousness. Our team allowed themselves approximately two minutes to process the news, exchange words, and then throw themselves into the work. And they haven’t stopped since.” FastSigns enjoyed its most successful year in almost every relevant metric, John Doyle says. The company had the honor of helping University Hospitals Health System recognize its 150th year in the community. For the Cleveland Indians, FastSigns printed signs for MLB before the World Series. “Watching our ballplayers talk to the media while standing in front of our work was extremely gratifying,” Doyle says. “Printing two sets of championship signage and not knowing which would be used was much less gratifying. The timelines were tight and required some weekend work, but the memory of working with the MLB’s team on the Fall Classic was one of our great event experiences.”

Runners-up: HKM Direct Market Communications; Hotcards; JakPrints.


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