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Falls Communications expands account team, service offerings

Evelyn GreeneCleveland – Falls Communications, a strategic communications and investor relations firm, expanded its capabilities by adding industry veteran Evelyn Greene as market research director.

Greene specializes in using business-to-business executive interviews, surveys and focus groups, along with quantitative analysis, to sleuth out competitive intelligence; assess customer satisfaction and buying behavior; support new product and technology development; and strengthen market strategy.

She joined Falls after spending 25 years with The Research Investment. There, she designed and managed numerous market studies, wrote analyses on a variety of business topics and conducted research in a wide range of industries. Greene began her career as a research analyst at Union Carbide Corp. She also held positions at National Economic Research Associates (NERA) and McKinsey & Co.

She is a lecturer and mentor for EDGE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to economic development in Northeast Ohio. She has also served as a mentor for a class in Marketing Insight Management and as a guest lecturer, both at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.

Greene earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from New York University.

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