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If your clothes could talk to you, what would they say?

By Traci McBride

ClothesTalk1Magenta sweater: “Me, me, me! Why don’t you ever wear me? You had such plans for me when you took me into the dressing room such a long time ago. I made you smile in the mirror. You said you need a pop of color, and I was the one to give you that. But you took me home, left me in a bag for weeks, and when you finally hung me up in the closet, I had such hope … until days became weeks. Then finally you slipped me on and I was ready to show everyone how confident and fresh you looked! Wait, why are you pulling me off again? I didn’t get to do my job … no, no, no don’t leave me here again! Please stop putting on that tired grey sweater. Stop playing it safe in that thing. Bust me out, give me a chance! I know you can pull off my vibrant color. I just know you can!”

ClothesTalk2Red silk blouse: “Hello, did you forget about me? Last time you wore me, you left stains and wrinkled me! Don’t you think I’m worth the time, money, and energy to take me to the cleaners and pick me up? I know I’m a maintenance monster, but you knew that when you took me home. Are we over?”

ClothesTalk3Sexy lace-up stilettos: “Come on, you can’t blame us! You knew we were trouble when you picked us up. You said it yourself when your girlfriend talked you into trying us on. You said we were too hard to lace up, but were so sexy you couldn’t resist. Well you lied; you never once wore us! Here we are with the clearance sticker still on – we feel so cheap! Give us away to someone that will wear us!”

ClothesTalk4Blazer: “Hello, again, beautiful. Thanks for taking me so many places with you. I so enjoy going out with you in jeans or your favorite sheath dress. I love the endless combinations you create with me. We make such a nice couple. You are so charming and confident everywhere we go together. So happy we found each other!”

ClothesTalk5V-neck dress: “I love how you layer me with so many great looks. We end up looking like a new dress each time. You look so put-together when we wear the tights and black, tall boots with a blazer and knit scarf and gloves. I actually see strangers take another look. We are a powerful team together!”

Understanding why you buy the items that you bring home is an important key to building a lasting, confident, put-together wardrobe that honors your body and your lifestyle – and makes you feel joy and pride. Take the time to analyze each item hanging in your closet right now.

ClothesTalk6I find most women don’t put aside the time to complete this task, but it really is worth the time to remove, remix, prioritize, and decide on each and every item.

Stop feeling frustrated — hire a professional to streamline the process and guide you toward successful time spent.

Traci McBride has been the chief stylist at TeeMcBee Image Consulting since 2008. She is certified by Stacy London of TLC fame. Her secret power is to help others see themselves through different eyes while celebrating and loving their authentic selves. She offers complimentary phone consultations. Questions can also be emailed to her at

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